Sharing Our World With the Grizzly Bear
Middle School/High School Grades 4-9

The Galapagos Islands
Middle School/High School

The Ocean's in Trouble!
Grades 4-6

Touring Antarctica
Middle School/High School

Watering Australia from Antarctica
Middle School/High School

What is the relationship between the moon and the tide?
Upper Elementary/Middle School/High School

Language Arts

Be a Web Quest Sleuth
Elementary School

Language Arts Web Quests
Hundreds of Webquests for all levels

Show Us Your Style! WebQuest
Show Us Your Style! A WebQuest for 5th English (Language Arts) Students

Young Authors WebQuest
Upper elementary/Middle School/High School


A Stitch In Time! A WebQuest on Quilting Traditions
Betsy's Quilt An Internet WebQuest on Quilting and Geometry

Artwork In Central Park WebQuest

Crack the Magic Code WebQuest
A WebQuest for Codes and Patterns

Its a Math World WebQuest

Step Right Up! Create a Classroom Carnival! WebQuest
A Math WebQuest for Grade 4

Social Studies

A New Twist on an Old Tale
An Internet WebQuest on Ancient Greece

Quest for the Golden Ticket WebQuest
A WebQuest for Second Grade History and Social Science, Civics and English

Where Did We Come From WebQuest
5th Grade SS

Searching For China
Middle School/High School

The Arts

A Knight's Tour

Art Through the Ages WebQuest
Art Through the Ages A WebQuest of Art Work from Different Time Periods

Artwork In Central Park WebQuest

Restoring The Nike WebQuest
Restoring The Nike A WebQuest for Art II-III