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Mission of the Madison Learning Enrichment Program
"Expand and enrich the curriculum of our students and offer our students and community the opportunity to experience learning beyond the classroom and extend opportunities to become independent learners."

The Final Enrichment Lecture



Enrichment Program Lecture Series Part Three--

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Enrichment Program Lecture Series Part Two--

Panel Discussion--"So You Want To Go To College!" DSC_1631.jpg DSC_1633.jpgDSC_1634.jpg DSC_1635.jpgDSC_1637.jpg DSC_1638.jpgDSC_1639.jpg DSC_1641.jpgDSC_1642.jpg

Enrichment Program Lecture Series Part One -- How Cleveland Won the Rock Hall

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What Is Success ?

Did you ever wonder just how to describe "SUCCESS" ? This is what we need to do for the Madison Students. This Student Enrichment Site is dedicated to helping our best and brightest define "Success" for themselves and to create an environment that will help our students to reach their goals.

Check out Richard St. John's 3 minute description of "Success" in the video clip below.

Do competitions enhance competence???

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